Lahore ( Punjabi: لہور, ਲਾਹੌਰ, Lāhaur; Urdu لاہور, English: Lahore ) is with 7.092 million inhabitants according to Karachi the second largest city of Pakistan (2010 ). It lies on the banks of the river Ravi, just a few kilometers from the border with India. As the capital of Punjab province is an industrial and cultural center of East Pakistan.


Since the 11th century Lahore is one of the intellectual centers of Islam in the Indian subcontinent. The city has several mosques of the Mughal period, including the Badshahi Mosque and the Perlmoschee ( Moti Masjid ) from the 17th century, as well as the ornate Shalimar garden of 1642.

Lahore was 1585-1598, the magnificent capital of the Mughal Empire, for contemporary Europe symbol of immense wealth and limitless power. Akbar in the 16th century was the founder of the Mughal splendor in Lahore and made the city one of the centers of Islamic culture of the subcontinent. From 1799 to its conquest by British troops in 1848 Lahore was the capital of the empire of the Sikhs. Today it is one of the seats, which was founded in 1882 University of the Punjab.

India and Pakistan have agreed to set up a new bus service between Lahore and Amritsar in India for peace talks. In January 2006, the bus was taken.

2009 came on March 3, to an attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team. Armed men fired in Lahore with rocket launchers and machine guns on the bus the team - at least seven people died, including six players and a coach were injured.

Geography and climate

Lahore's boundaries are the north and west of the district Sheikhupura, India in the east and in the south is bordered to the Lahore district Kasur. The river Ravi flows in the north of the city. The city has a total area of 404 km ², but the city is growing at a considerable speed.

The hottest months are from May to July, when the temperature up to 45 degrees Celsius rise. The monsoon usually starts in late June. The coldest months are December to February, when the temperature can drop to below 10 degrees Celsius.


The oldest and most prestigious educational institution in the city is the University of the Punjab, founded in 1882.


  • Lahore Museum
  • Old town with city walls
  • Shalimar Gardens
  • Called the Lahore Fort, Shahi Qila also



Lahore has a high volume of traffic with the associated high air pollution. The coming of the Indian border in Wagah Grand Trunk Road was expanded to six lanes from Lahore to Islamabad.


In Lahore is located the headquarters of the Pakistan Railways Pakistan Railway.


2003, the Lahore airport was built. The airport is named after Muhammad Iqbal Alama Iqbal Airport. He now serves many airlines, including the Pakistani airline Pakistan International Airlines.


Management places

  • Aziz Bhatti Town
  • Ravi Town
  • Shalimar Town
  • Wagah Town
  • Data Ganj Baksh Town
  • Gulberg Town
  • Allama Iqbal Town
  • Samanabad Town
  • Nishtar Town
  • Lahore Cantonment


  • New Muslim Town
  • Mustafa Town
  • Johar Town
  • Faisal Town
  • Model Town
  • Garden Town
  • WAPDA Town
  • Greentown
  • Model Town
  • Defence
  • EME Sector
  • Shad Bagh

Neighboring towns

  • Sanda
  • Gawalmandi
  • Laxshmi Chowk
  • Qila Gujar Sing
  • Township
  • Walled City
  • Shahdara
  • Ravi Town
  • Baghanpura
  • Krishan Nagar / Islampura
  • Defence Housing Authority ( Lahore )

Film industry

Lahore is considered a stronghold of the Pakistani film industry and is also called based on Hollywood and Bollywood Lollywood. In contrast to the Indian film has won in recent years on the world stage, there is the Pakistani film industry for years in a crisis. Even high-quality productions are rarely noticed outside Pakistan.


Lahore maintains partnerships with the following cities:

  • Turkey Istanbul ( Turkey)
  • Bangladesh Chittagong ( Bangladesh)
  • People's Republic of China Xi'an ( China )
  • Serbia Belgrade ( Serbia)
  • Colombia Bogota ( Colombia)
  • Uzbekistan Bukhara ( Uzbekistan)
  • United States of America Chicago (USA)
  • Portugal Coimbra ( Portugal)
  • Spain Cordoba ( Spain)
  • Tajikistan Dushanbe (Tajikistan)
  • Morocco Fez ( Morocco)
  • United States Fresno ( USA)
  • Scotland Glasgow ( Scotland)
  • England Hounslow (England)
  • Iran Isfahan ( Iran)
  • Belgium Kortrijk (Belgium )
  • Iran Mashhad (Iran)
  • North Korea Sariwon (North Korea)
  • Uzbekistan Samarkand (Uzbekistan )
  • Iran Amol (Iran)


  • Pran Nath (1918-1996), Indian Musicians
  • Salman Taseer (1946-2001), businessman and politician