Lahti [ lɑhti ] (Swedish: Lahti ) is the seventh largest city in Finland. It lies about 100 km north of Helsinki in the landscape Päijät -Häme Lake Vesijärvi. Railway connections to Helsinki last with the long-distance trains and 48 minutes with the Helsinki commuter train one hour.


Was not until the year 1905, the already mentioned 1443 Lahti city rights. The construction of the railway from Helsinki to Saint Petersburg in 1870, and by the settlement of refugees in the Winter War of 1940, the city grew rapidly in the 20th century. Since 1923, the famous Lahti Ski Games, will be held in Lahti, where cross-country skiing and ski jumping are the focus.

Lahti was until 1993 Location of a major radio station for long wave, and the temporary and short- wave, the long-wave transmitters Lahti. The antenna used was a set up at two in the year 1927 150 -meter-high free-standing steel lattice towers suspended T antenna. Today, this plant has been decommissioned and is home to a broadcasting museum.

Development of the population (31 December):





  • 2004: 98 281
  • 2005: 98 413
  • 2006: 98 766
  • 2007: 99 308
  • 2008: 100 080
  • 2009: 100 854
  • 2012: 103 065


The Lahti Symphony Orchestra ( Sinfonia Lahti ) under the baton of Okku Kamu is one of the top orchestras in the Nordic countries. It resides in the Sibelius Hall (Finnish Sibelius - talo ) in Lahti, which was designed by the young Finnish architects Hannu Tikka and Kimmo Lintula. In the spring of 2000, the Sibelius Hall was opened and is due to the excellent acoustics as one of the best concert halls in Northern Europe.

Furthermore, the marketplace, which forms the center of the city, the City Hall in Lahti, as well as the location of the Kirkkokatu " Church of the Cross", built by Alvar Aalto, worth seeing. Lakeside Pikku Vesijärvi in the northwest of the city there is a small artificial lake, held at the twice daily water fountains to classical music. Since Lahti is considered a " sports capital " of Finland, is found in the west of the city a comprehensive sports complex, where there are, among others, with the Salpausselkä hill three large ski jumps. The Ski Museum at the foot of the hills is home to several simulators that you can understand the jump from a jump, slalom racing, cross-country skiing or biathlon shooting.

The Radio Museum is located on the site of the former long-wave transmitter.


In October 2006, the EU Heads of State and Government met for the summit in Lahti, to talk about energy security and improve the Union's capacity for innovation.

Coat of arms

Description: Argent, a black siebenspeichiges wheel with as many red busy cutting scope.

Parish council

In the local elections on 30 October 2008 the conservative National Coalition Party triggered the Social Democratic Party from the strongest parliamentary group. In the municipal elections in 2012 she was able to maintain its status as the largest party vote despite losses. In the municipal council ( 59 MPs ) that they have as well as the Social Democrats now only about 18 seats. The big winner of the recent election were the right-wing populist base fins that could triple the number of its seats to nine. Four other parties are represented with two to five seats.


Lahti is a major industrial center for the furniture, textile and glass production. Also there is one of the largest breweries / Gert intrigues manufacturer ( Hartwall ) in Finland resident.


The city is an important center of Nordic skiing. Here Nordic World Ski Championships six times took place: 1926, 1938, 1958, 1978, 1989 and 2001.

The city is also home to the Finnish Ice Hockey Club Pelicans, which plays in the top league, and the football club FC Lahti.

Twin Cities

Lahti is connected by twinning with

  • Sweden Västerås, Sweden, since 1940
  • Iceland Akureyri, Iceland, since 1947
  • Norway Alesund, Norway, since 1947
  • Denmark Randers, Denmark, since 1947
  • Ukraine Zaporozhye, Ukraine, since 1953
  • Hungary Pécs, Hungary, since 1956
  • Germany Garmisch -Partenkirchen, Germany, since 1987
  • Germany Suhl, Germany, since 1988
  • Russia Kaluga, Russia, since 1994
  • Estonia Narva, Estonia, since 1994
  • China People's Republic of Deyang, People's Republic of China, since 2000
  • United Kingdom county of Worcestershire in the UK, since 2000

Sons and daughters of the town