Lai da Marmorera

The Lai da Marmorera is a Swiss reservoir in the canton of Graubünden in the community Marmorera. It can be reached from Tiefencastel or the Engadin from the village of Silvaplana over the Julier Pass. The only village on the lake is Marmorera. Above the west end of the dam lies the ruins of the castle Marmels.

Often Marmorera reservoir is confused with the Reschensee in South Tyrol, since there is also a village was flooded. There still stands the steeple of the former village of Graun out of the water.


Was completed, the dam Marmorera ( Castiletto ) 1954. Marmorera The old was flooded after the main building had been blown up. The new Marmorera was built on the top of the dam and the Julier Pass road. Many residents preferred to economic and emotional reasons to pull away.


The Lai da Marmorera is in summer and autumn often visited by divers as it offers ideal conditions for altitude diving: crystal clear water, the remains of the sunken village and directions, which leads from the north do not have passports. There are two safe and easily accessible dive sites: the first below the bus stop " Marmorera village" and the second near the southern end of the lake on Julierbrücke.

Erdschüttdamm Marmorera ( Castiletto )

Divers in the Lai da Marmorera