Lai Runming

Lai Runming (Chinese赖润明, Pinyin Lai Runming; born May 5, 1963 in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, People's Republic of China) is a former Chinese weightlifter. He won the silver medal in the bantamweight at the 1984 Olympic Games.


Lai Runming began as a teenager in 1975 in the weightlifting sport school, Shilong with the weight lifting. In 1978, he joined the Chinese People's Army and began from this date to this institution. He was only active until 1987, came back already at the age of 24 years.

His debut at an international championship was Lai Runming at the Junior World Championship 1982 in Sao Paulo. He finished there in the bantamweight title with 245 kg behind the Bulgarians N. Dimitrov, who won by 250 kg 2nd place before Hara from Japan with 242.5 kg. In 1983 he occupied at the Chinese Championships Bantamweight 2nd place and put it with 125.5 kg in the snatch a new junior world record. In 1983 he was then also used in the Senior World Championships in Moscow, where he scored in single combat Bantamweight 252.5 kg ( 117.5 to 135 ) and with that came on the 10th Place. From the winner Oksen Mirsojan from the Soviet Union, who scored 292.5 kg ( 127.5 to 165 ), he was still away a few kilograms.

In 1984, he was also at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles bantamweight at the start. He increased his power in a duel to 265 kg ( 125-140 ) and finished in behind his compatriot Wu Shude, who won the gold medal with 267.5 kg ( 120 to 147.5 ), 2nd place, and thus secured the Olympic silver medal. Here, the handle to the gold medal for Lei Runming was quite realistic, because he led after the snatch with 5 kg before Wu Shude. In pushing it but could not twice 145 kg and could this not overtake it. In tearing it was at this event, which was at the same time as the World Cup, with 125 kg world champion.

In 1985, Lai Runming Chinese featherweight champion and on this occasion in the snatch with 131.5 kg a new Asian record on. But with the World Cup 1985 in Södertälje, he started back in the bantamweight, where he obtained 267.5 kg ( 120 to 147.5 ), ranging to 5th place. The winner was the Bulgarian Neno Terziiski who came to 280 kg ( 122.5 to 157.5 ).

In 1986, Lai was Runming featherweight champion at the Asian Games in Seoul before Murake Yosuke from Japan and Lee Myong -soo, South Korea. At the World Championships this year in Sofia he came bantamweight in the snatch 127.5 kg and thus won a bronze medal. But in pushing him underwent three failed attempts, so he remained unplaced without duel performance.

Despite this adversity, in 1987 he used at the World Championships in Ostrava. There he started featherweight and reached 285 kg ( 120-155 ) the 6th Place. To the winner: the Bulgarian Stefan Topurow and 315 kg ( 140-175 ) it remained relatively distant.

After his resignation in 1987 Runming Lai was trained as a coach. In 2008 he took over the post of head coach of Shilong weightlifting team.

International success

World Cup individual medals

  • World Championship gold medal: 1984/Reißen
  • World Cup bronze medal 1986/Reißen


  • All competitions in a duel, consisting of tearing and piercing,
  • OS = The Olympic Games,
  • WM = World Championship,
  • Bantamweight, then to 56 kg Featherweight, then up to 60 kg body weight
  • The competitions at the Olympic Games in 1984 were the same as the World Cup


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