The LAK -12 is a single-seat glider Lithuanian for the Open Class, which was of LAK ( Litovskaya Aviatsionnaya Konstruktsiya ) and later built by Sportinė Aviacija and Sport Aviation USSR.


The LAK -12 was designed in the 1980s for the Open Class.

For the cell GFRP and CFRP were used. For the wings with foam core and 20.42 meter span a Wortmann was used FX67 -K -170 profile, which goes towards the wing tip in an FX67 -K -150 profile in the root. The wings have double storey air brakes and flaps, which in the positions -7 °, -4 °, 0 °, 5 °, 11 ° and 15 ° can be locked. The wing is not shared as with the ASW 17 or the aura. The wing tanks can hold up to 190 liters of water ballast, the drain valve is located centrally in the hull. The aircraft has a damped retractable landing gear and a tail skid. The hood is designed in one piece and opens to the front.

Use history

In August 2011, the aircraft directory, 24 LAC 12 conducted in the U.S., all in the category Experimental - Racing. / Exhibition One aircraft was out in the Limited Class of Transport Canada.