Lake Bluff, Illinois

Lake County


Lake Bluff is a place ( village) in Lake County, Illinois. In 2000, the city, founded in 1895 had 6,056 inhabitants. On the northern edge of Lake Bluff the major Navy training camp Naval Station Great Lakes is located.


The first European-born settlers, who claimed in the area of Lake Bluff'Land, were John and Catherine Cloe (1836 ). 1855, the first railway line in Lake County has been completed; they connected the town of Chicago and Waukegan. In Lake Bluff, a station was built. The small settlement was called at this time Rockland, but soon received the name it bears today. The formal establishment of the Village of Lake Bluff followed in 1895.


The town lies on the banks of Lake Michigan in the area of ​​so-called North Shore. The site has an area of 10.5 km ² (4.1 square miles). In the north, bordering Lake Bluff at the Naval Station Great Lakes and the Arden Shores, on the west by the town of Knollwood and in the south to the city of Illinois


In the census of 2000 Lake Bluff comprised 6,056 inhabitants, 2,118 households, and 1,743 families. The population density was 575.9 inhabitants per km ². The density of 2,202 residential units was 209.4 per km ². 95.29 % of the population were White, 0.51% African American, 0.03 % Native American, 0.03 % Pacific Islander, 0.23 and 0.59 % Others were of Mixed Race. The proportion of Hispanics or Latinos was 1.19 %.

In 45.7 % of the 2,118 households living children under 18 years. In 74.3 % of all households are married couples living together. 6.4% of all households were headed by a woman who was either unmarried or lived without her husband. In 17.7 % of all households were non-families lived. 15.8 % of all households were single-person households. In 6.3% of all households a single person who was 65 years or older lived. The average household size was 2.86 persons, the average family size is 3.21 people.

The median income was $ 114,521 per household and $ 124,674 per family. Males had a median income of $ 93,794, women $ 50,352. The average per capita income was $ 54,824. 1.1 % of individuals and 0.7 % of families are below the poverty line.