Lake Dapao


The DAPAO Lake (English: Lake DAPAO ) is a lake on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. The lake is located about 7 km southwest of the community Ganassi and the Lanao Lake on the territory of the municipality Pualas. It covers an area of 10.11 km ² and has a depth of 120 meters. Its drainage flows into the Matling flowing in Mala Bang in the bay of Illana.

The Aqua vegetation is dominated by the alga Cladophora sp. and a kind of basic nettle ( Hydrilla sp.). Fish stocks are mainly composed of the snakehead Channa striata, the tilapia Tilapia mossambica, the goby Glossogobius giurus, the carp ( Cyprinus carpio) and catfish prey ( Clarias sp.). These fish are also used for commercial fishing.

The DAPAO Lake and the west -lying land in 1965 declared a DAPAO Lake National Park, it covers an area of ​​22.24 km ².