Lake Erie

Lake Erie (. English Lake Erie, English pronunciation [ ˌ leɪk ɪɹi ]; French Lac Érié ) is the southernmost and fourth largest of the five Great Lakes of North America.

The name is derived from the Erie Indians. Through him, the border of the United States extends to Canada. The inflow is the Detroit River. About the 56 km long Niagara River it drains into Lake Ontario. The Erie Canal connects the lake with the 580 km south Hudson River.


The lake is on average 174 meters, and its area is 25,667 square kilometers. It is 388 km long and up to 92 km wide, the coastline is 1369 km. Lake Erie is the shallowest of the Great Lakes with an average water depth of 19 m and a maximum depth of 64 m. Due to its small depth, it also has the highest water temperature. The catchment area covers an area of approximately 58,790 km ². The Canadian Seeanteil is 12,722 km ² and the U.S. Seeanteil is 12,945 km ².

Main tributary of Lake Erie, the Lake Huron and Lake St. Clair forth coming Detroit River. Other major tributaries are Grand River ( Lake Erie, Ohio ), Grand River ( Lake Erie, Ontario), Huron River ( Lake Erie, Michigan), Huron River ( Ohio ) Maumee River, Sandusky River and Cuyahoga River. About the Niagara River with the Niagara Falls it is connected to Lake Ontario. A cruise connection via the Welland Canal, which is part of the Saint Lawrence Seaway.

Lake Erie forms part of the border between Canada and the United States. To the north is the Canadian province of Ontario, to the south the U.S. states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. On the lake shore are the cities of Buffalo, Erie, Toledo, and Cleveland. In the lake there are a total of 27 islands, of which nine to Ontario and the rest belong to Ohio. Middle Iceland is the southernmost point of Canada, during Located on a peninsula Point Pelee National Park is the southernmost point of the Canadian mainland. At 42 km ², the location on the Canadian side Pelee Iceland is the largest island of Lake Erie.


  • Ballast Iceland
  • Big Chicken Iceland
  • Chick Iceland
  • East Sister Iceland
  • Gibraltar Iceland
  • Green Iceland
  • Iceland Gull
  • Hen Iceland
  • Johnson's Iceland
  • Kelley Iceland
  • Little Chicken Iceland
  • Middle Iceland
  • Middle Bass Iceland
  • Middle Sister Iceland
  • Mohawk Iceland
  • Mouse Iceland
  • North Bass Iceland
  • North Harbour Iceland
  • Pelee Iceland
  • Rattlesnake Iceland
  • South Bass Iceland
  • Starve Iceland
  • Sugar Iceland
  • Turtle Iceland
  • West Sister Iceland


Since the 19th century wine production on Lake Erie. The Canadian production areas extend on the north shore and on Pelee Iceland. The wine region of Lake Erie AVA is located in the American state of New York.


1669 saw the Frenchman Louis Joliet Lake Erie and French settlements erected some years later.

On September 10, 1813 came in the British -American War battle on Lake Erie between the ships of the British and the United States. Under the command of Oliver Hazard Perry won the superior ships to the United States Navy.

As Handlungsort the ballad John Maynard by Theodor Fontane with a shipwreck on Lake Erie in 1841, he entered the German literature.