Lake Kanozero

The Kanosero (Russian Канозеро, Канозеро ) is a lake in south-western part of the Kola Peninsula in Russia's Murmansk Oblast.

The lake has an area of 84.3 km ² and is situated at an altitude of 52 m. It has a length of 32 km and a maximum width of 6 km. The Umba ( Умба ) flows through the Kanosero from north to south. Other tributaries of the Kanosero are Kana ( Кана ), Muna ( Муна ) and Chernaya ( Чёрная ). The lake leave the two outflows Kiza ( Кица ) and Rodwinga ( Родвинга ), which located 10 kilometers south lake Pontschosero reunite for Umba, which eventually flows into the White Sea. Between the end of October and the end of May the Kanosero is covered with ice.

On an island in the southwest part of the lake in 1997 petroglyphs were found in the year.