Lake Manitoba

The Manitobasee (English Lake Manitoba; French Lac Manitoba ) is one of the larger lakes of Canada.

It is located in the province of Manitoba, about 75 km northwest of the provincial capital of Winnipeg, and has an area of ​​4,700 km ². It has a north-south extent of about 200 km and is approximately parallel to its larger eastern neighbor, the Lake Winnipeg.

Main tributary is the Waterhen River, which drains the northern lake Winnipegosissee. The water of the Manitobasees flows through the Fairford River to Lake St. Martin and on over the Dauphin River to Lake Winnipeg from back.

He is, like its neighbors, the Winnipegosis and Lake Winnipeg and the Lake of the Woods located further southeast, from the giant prehistoric Lake Agassiz emerged, which once stretched across much of the middle of North America.