Lake Yojoa

Largest lake in Honduras '

The Lago de Yojoa is the largest lake in Honduras, it borders the department of Santa Bárbara.

Unlike its neighbors, Honduras has only smaller lakes, the largest of which, the Lago de Yojoa, which stands out for its diversity of fish and birds. Breed on the banks and in the surrounding area and nest up to 750 species of birds; the lake is a popular local excursion and destination. Parts of the area surrounding the lake are agriculturally used by the cultivation of pineapple, coffee and citrus fruit, forestry through pine cultures.

On the shore of the lake and Los Naranjos is located, an archaeological excavation site, with walking paths through the humid forest and viewing platforms for bird watching. At the outflow of the lake is a hydroelectric power plant.


The lake is about 70 km from San Pedro Sula and has an area of 90 km ². It lies at an altitude of 632 m above sea level and is surrounded by up to 2,600 m high mountains surrounded. The north-south expansion is 70 km, the east-west extension of 10 km. The lake is located in one of the wettest areas of the country with an average rainfall of 3,200 mm / year and around 22 ° C average temperature. The largest town on the lake shore is Peña Blanca. At the lake borders two national parks: Cerro Azul Meambar on the South Coast and Santa Barbara on the north coast.

Environmental problems

By logging and mining operations in the surrounding mountains of Lago de Yojoa is threatened in its existence, year after year, its level decreases. Therefore, the Foundation Exo -Lago has established that wants to save the lake and its ecosystem in cooperation with fishermen and farmers.