Lake Zell

Catchment area including Lake: 54.7 km ²

Lake Zell, named after the town of Zell am See, located in the Pinzgau in Salzburg, Austria. He emerged at the end of the last ice age about 10000-16000 years ago by a caused by the ice sheets of the northern Glocknergruppe Ausschürfung. The present area of the lake is a remnant of the original water surface, which was originally filed in the north to Saalfelden and south filled also a part of the Salzach valley.

The lake drained via a two kilometer long canal to the south into the Salzach. About two kilometers north of the lakeside separates an inconspicuous Talwasserscheide the lake from the Saalachstrasse, the north -flowing, after about 80 kilometers below Salzburg flows into the Salzach.

The fish in Lake Zell

In Zeller See many different types of fish. He is known primarily for its whitefish ( whitefish ), bream, roach, pike and perch. At Zeller See the laws of the Salzburg Fishing Association shall apply.