Lamb (Band)

Lamb is an English band from Manchester, which was founded in 1996 and is stylistically attributed to the trip-hop. It consists of the singer Louise Rhodes, the keyboardist and percussionist Andy Barlow and various guest musicians. Some of their songs could be heard in commercials ( for example Gabriel for Opel, Heaven for Audi and Górecki for Tomb Raider: Underworld ).


Initially even more influenced by drum and bass and jazz to their sound gradually shifted towards pop music, without abandoning its peculiarities. The appeal of their music lies in a balance harmonic and melodic harmonies and consciously placed idiosyncrasies that may show up in samples, rhythms, melodies, or Louise's voice.

Gorecki, one of her most famous songs, Henryk Mikołaj Górecki was inspired by Third Symphony.


The duo Lamb has its origins in Manchester. His first single, which was very well received, was Cotton Wool 1996. Was followed by her debut album Lamb, which is one of the pioneers of trip-hop.

Louise Rhodes, which is responsible for voice and substance of the songs, was raised by her mother interested in folk from childhood brought to the music. Even as a child, she participated in their performances. The music they continue to not let go: They drew inspiration from singers such as Joni Mitchell, Donna Hardaway as well as the soul and hip hop. For a time she worked as a successful fashion and music photographer. Active to the music they brought only a piece of the radio, which she wrote an original song. It was followed by the contact Andrew Barlow, who initially responded rather negatively, but then agreed to cooperate.

Andrew Barlow also grew like Louise on in Manchester. His path to music began at a marching band, in which he already participated at the age of nine years as a drummer. At 16, he discovered hip-hop and played off and on as a keyboard player in the band Mucky Pub. Later he worked for minimum wage at the SoWhat management and tinkering around after working on own songs. Thus, for example, comes the song Anafey.

2004 Lamb announced at an artistic break. The 2005 announced DVD live recording has not yet been released. In the meantime, Louise Rhodes has released three solo albums, stylistically far removed from Lamb. Andy Barlow also worked while on a solo album, which he produced mainly in his home studio. It bears the name " LEAP ... and the net will appear" was released in January 2011.

The end of 2010 announced Lou and Andy to a continuation of Lamb and began in November with the work on a new album. It was released on 5 May 2011 and was presented by means of two live concerts in Manchester and London on 5 and 6 May. Since it is the fifth album of the two, it is called " 5".


  • 2004 The Fall & Rise of the Fools Ark ( with Dadara & Jesse )


  • Lamb (1996, Fontana Records)
  • Fear of Fours (1999, Polygram Records)
  • What Sound (2001, Koch Records )
  • Between Darkness and Wonder (2003, Koch Records )
  • Back to Mine - The Voodoo Collection (2004, DMC Records)
  • Best Kept Secrets: Best of Lamb ( 2004 Universal Records ), also called Limited Edition with Bonus - DVD available
  • Remixed (2005)
  • 5 (2011)

The albums are found in slightly different versions. The UK versions contain at most additional tracks, generally remixes to upgrade the albums over the overseas versions. A selection of remixes that had appeared over the years as an album bonus or as a single-track, can be found on the album Remixed.