The Lammer is an approximately 41 km long right tributary of the Salzach River in the Austrian state of Salzburg.

Landscape and run

It rises in the Tennen Mountains, which flows around in a wide arc drawn. The - mostly low-tide - the beginning of the river is located at 1720 meters above sea Jochriedel. A., in the town of Sankt Martin in the Tennen Mountains on the border with Werfenweng. As a small stream then flows eastward through the Lammer Valley until it swings abruptly to the north.

Along the agent is run then the Lammer Valley itself, with the municipalities of Annaberg, Abtenau and Scheffau. Near Oberscheffau is a gorge that Lammeröfen.

After this the Lammer Gorge enters the south end of the Salzburg basin, near the Pass Lueg, and opens into the plain near Golling in the Salzach.


The Lammer is known for its very clean water, the river is also popular with whitewater athletes.