Lamon Brewster

Lamon Brewster ( born June 5, 1973 in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States) is a former American heavyweight boxer.


In 1991 he moved at eighteen to Los Angeles to make a name for himself. In 1992 and 1993 he won the Golden Gloves amateur tournament in California and was able to prevail in the 1995 national championship. In the same year he finished second at the Pan American Games, but he lost the final Félix Savón. After he failed in the qualifying tournament for the 1996 Olympic Games, he turned professional.

Professional career

In November 1996, he started his professional career with promoter Bob Arum with a knockout win in the first round. He showed good impact strength and slave capabilities, but lacked him of mobility and the ability to usually put bigger opponent under pressure to cut them off and force them to Abtausch.

The surprising defeat against Clifford Etienne in May 2000, considered by many to be fight of the year, was initially explained by the good performance Etienne and an injury. Brewster had torn the ligaments in the knee, he continued the fight but still some time away. Half a year later, followed by his second defeat against Charles Shufford. This then got a title shot against Wladimir Klitschko; Shufford lost every round and went clear in the sixth round co

Winning the WBO title

Despite these setbacks found in Brewster a solution, but still to come to big fights. He changed the promoter and signed with Don King. Quickly, he was named by the WBO as one of the challengers for the vacant heavyweight title of the Association, the Corrie Sanders had resigned following his victory over Wladimir Klitschko, which condition was so Sanders could fight against Vitali Klitschko for the WBC title.

On April 10, 2004 Brewster won by a technical knockout surprising in the fifth round against Wladimir Klitschko for the vacant WBO world title. Klitschko dominated the fight at the beginning of clear and succeeded in the fourth round of the so far only reflected in Brewster's career. Then, however, Klitschko had to pay tribute to its high initial tempo tribute. Favored by the abrupt onset condition slump Klitschkos get Brewster several serious damage with that eventually led first to a standing count in the standing and the fight demolition. The victory was initially hardly rewarded because it was attributed to the bad borrower Klitschkos skills and also rumors were spread regarding a manipulation of Klitschko's fitness on fight night.

Title defenses

After a brief and unconvincing points victory against Kali Meehan he boxed on May 21, 2005 in his second defense against the veteran Andrzej Gołota. Gołota was considered a good contractor and was a respected boxer who had not been declared 2004 in two world championship fights for the IBF title against Chris Byrd and the WBA title against John Ruiz according to many experts wrongly the winner. Brewster was able to fight Gołota regain reputation by his opponent in just 53 seconds surprising Ko suggested.

On 28 September 2005, he fought against the German - Albanian challenger Luan Krasniqi, who had risen with a convincing knockout win in the sixth round about Lance Whitaker in an eliminator for the WBO mandatory challenger. After Brewster pocketed many heavy hits and dated back to the seventh round on all three judges, in the eighth round he had a heavy rainfall. Krasniqi was not ready to fight again in the prescribed ten seconds, however, was held by the delayed stall count of the referee's in combat. In the ninth round Brewster succeeded again a precipitate; Krasniqi gave up the fight eventually. Although TKO winner, Brewster was marked by heavy fighting end as opposed to quickly rebounded opponents, could only with difficulty keep on his feet and eventually had to be carried in the cabin. The referee behavior caused irritation. Brewsters management imputed later corruption and announced that it would no longer want to fight in Germany.

Loss of the WBO title

In March 2006, the contract with challenger Syarhey Ljachowitsch from Belarus ( Record 22-1 ) for a voluntary defense was signed. The fight took place on 1 April 2006. Before the fight Brewster was changed from trainer Jesse Reid, who had cared for him for two fights, to the very prestigious Buddy McGirt and had separated from his long-time manager Sam Simon, the producer of the television series The Simpsons.

Ljachowitsch began the fight very disciplined and held Brewster sent at a distance. In the sixth round of the world champion then got into serious trouble; As in the fight against Klitschko he held the attempts to knock out him, but stood and met Ljachowitsch then his hand, who went posted in the round break. In the next round Brewster succeeded a precipitate; Ljachowitsch went to his own statement deliberately to the ground in order to escape the slugfest at such short notice and be able to recover after a few effective hits. Then he regained control of the fight. At the end Ljachowitsch a clear points victory was unanimously awarded. A few days later, Brewster was operated on for a sustained during the fight retinal detachment in the left eye.

Brewster stood since the end of 2006 no longer under contract with Don King, which eased the way for a second fight against Wladimir Klitschko. July 7, 2007 Brewster then returned to 15 months of inactivity in the ring and stepped back in Cologne for the rematch against Klitschko for the IBF world champion belt on. In the rematch in front of 19,500 spectators at the Cologne Arena Klitschko dominated to as early as the first meeting of the first round. Also an already suffered in the first round easily hairline crack in the left jab could not stop Klitschko. After six one-sided rounds in which 199 Klitschko and Brewster was able to land 77 hits, gave Brewsters trainer McGirt the fight prematurely. Klitschko won the fight mainly because of the frequent and consistent use of the jab.

After this second defeat in a row Brewster stayed again for more than a year of inactivity before he reported back in August of 2008 with a knockout victory against the construction opponent Danny Batchelder. This was his first victory in three years. A planned for the November 2008 fight against former WBA champion Bruce Seldon had to be canceled due to the flu Brewsters.

From March 2009, Brewster was in the German Sauerland Event Boxpromotion under contract. His first fight for his new management, he completed on 13 March 2009 in Kiel and the British Michael Sprott. This fight he won by unanimous decision. Nevertheless, Brewsters career seemed leaning toward the end after he surprisingly lost on points in August 2009 against the Nigerians Gbenga Oluokun, he was defeated in January 2010, the junior heavyweight Robert Helenius technical knockout in the eighth round. As a result of this struggle he went blind in his left eye previously damaged by the Ljachowitsch fight. After his sight could not be restored even after four unsuccessful operations, Brewster was in January 2011 end of his career known.