As the wide leg stripes, mostly colored decorative strips are referred on or near both outer seams of certain uniform pants. In contrast to the narrow, cord-like piping is at leg stripes to fabric strips that are sewn on or adjacent to the outer seam of a uniform trouser leg. In civil pants are called the corresponding ornament Galon. The word Lampas comes from French, where it denotes a heavy silk or former star term tissue.


Red Doppellampassen the Prussian generals.

Field Marshal Henry Evelyn Wood with Goldlampassen.

Guard artillery officer on horseback, with red Doppelampassen.

Friedrich Wilhelm III with General Slam Fit.

Originally part of the European men's fashion at the beginning of the 19th century, leg stripes were also used in uniforms of various German states. In Prussia they were born in Prussia in 1815 by the officers on both sides of the tucks. There they had badge color, so for regiments with red badges and red leg stripes. From 1832 to 1896, they remained in Prussia Generals (red Doppellampassen ) and general staff officers ( crimson leg stripes ) reserved. With the newly introduced 1896 Gala pants were then common to almost all the officers. Only the hussars gave up the leg stripes, since they satisfied the jewelry of Schoytaschierung on the pants.

Empire, the Weimar Republic and Third Reich

From 1918 to 1945, the leg stripes were only worn by generals and staff officers in the Army and Air Force back in Germany. They followed it the old specifications.

German Democratic Republic

In the GDR contributed the officers of the rank of the group of generals and admirals Doppellampassen in the weapon colors of the relevant branches of the armed force or in accordance with special regulations.

Otherwise Major General ( OF6 ) to Army General ( OF9 )

  • Lieutenant General
  • Also generals of the air defense and radio technical troops

Federal Republic of

In the Federal Republic only wore the corresponding General ranks officers of the Federal Border Doppellampassen in dark green on the green uniform pants.

Other countries

From movies large parts of the population should be familiar to the golden yellow leg stripes of the U.S. Cavalry. Of the world are still used as leg stripes uniform jewelry for dress uniforms or the service uniforms of generals in most armies.

From the uniform of the Styrian Landwehr emerged as regional folk costume of Steireranzug, which is also worn with single or double leg stripes.

  • Students École Polytechnique, 2005.
  • Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst in 2005.
  • WO2, Bermuda Regiment / training company.
  • Palace Guard, Stockholm Castle to 2006.
  • Honor guard, Sun Yat- sen Memorial Hall
  • Sowj. Marshals 1945.