Lan Sang National Park

The National Park Lan Sang ( Thai: อุทยานแห่งชาติ ลาน สาง ) is a national park in the province of Tak. The Tak province lies in the western part of the northern region of Thailand on the border with Myanmar.


The Lan Sang National Park was opened on 14 May 1978 as the 15th national park of the country.

The area of the park is considered as rich in history as King Taksin the Great held here in the hidden forests of the late 18th century on his long march to the conquest of Chiang Mai with his troops rest.

Location and topography


The Lan Sang National Park is located about 20 kilometers west of Tak on the highway 105 The area of the park is about 104 square kilometers ( 65,000 Rai ).


The Lan Sang National Park is one of the smallest national parks in Thailand. Its topography includes steep and rocky hilltops covered in the lower and middle layers of fertile rainforest. The Khao Luang mountain ranges divide the park into two areas. The highest point is the Umyom ( Thai: เขา อุ ม ยอม ) with 1,065 meters above sea level.


The climate is tropical and monsunal with temperatures between 43 ° C on summer days and 7 ° C in cold nights. Like virtually everywhere in Thailand, there are three seasons: the rainy season between May and October the cold season from November to January and the hot season from February to April.

Fauna and Flora

In addition to the evergreen rain forest on the watershed and the mountain slopes to show mixed forest below with wings fruit plants.

The varied flora provides space for a number of species such as the Sambar, another species of deer and serow.


In the Lan Sang National Park can be seen mainly waterfalls. They leave the most lasting impression during or shortly after the rainy season, otherwise they will cause relatively little water.

  • Lan Sang Waterfall ( Thai: น้ำตก ลาน สาง ): above the Lan Ma Lieng waterfall (see below), the water shoots out of a narrowing and plunges over three levels about 40 meters into a small lake.
  • Pha Lad Waterfall ( Thai: น้ำตก ผา ลาด ): about 25 meters wide and 40 meters long rapids on the river Lan Sang. The water sprayed over the rocks before it flows into a small basin.
  • Lan - Liaeng - Ma Waterfall ( Thai: น้ำตก ลาน เลี้ยง ม้า ): about 200 meters above the Pha Lad waterfall located, the water rushes down the rock impressive here; The waterfall can be crossed by a footbridge.