Landeck District

The district Landeck is an administrative district in the Austrian state of Tyrol. It is bordered on the west by the province of Vorarlberg Bludenz district, on the east by the district of Imst, in the north of the district of Reutte and to the south by Graubünden ( Switzerland ) and South Tyrol (Italy).


The district includes the uppermost part of the Upper Inn Valley and the valleys branching off Kaunertal valley and punch Paznaun. In the territory of the county are part of the Ötztal Alps, the Samnaun group, part of the Verwallgruppe, the Lech Valley Alps and the Arlberg region.


The district of Landeck in 1868 formed from the judicial districts of Landeck, Nauders and Ried. After the First World War, the remaining parts of the judicial district in Austria Nauders were combined with the judicial district Ried. Finally, in 1978 the District Court of Ried was dissolved and combined with the judicial district of Landeck. Since then, consists in the district of Landeck only the judicial district of Landeck.

Economy and infrastructure

The economy of the district is heavily influenced by the service sector, where especially the tourism dominates. Important tourist centers are the Arlberg, sea Kappl Ischgl Galtür and the sunny plateau ( Ladis -Fiss -Serfaus ). Important industrial centers are Landeck, Zams and Pians. The largest production facilities can be found in the fields of food industry, textile industry and construction.

The district has the most kilometers of tunnel in Austria ( about 65 km, especially Arlberg Road Tunnel, Arlberg railway tunnel, Perjentunnel, Landecker Tunnel ); Thus, the volunteer fire department of the district capital Landeck is one of Austria's best -equipped and trained firefighters for tunnel fires.

The district has a relatively high proportion of commuters, with goals represent mainly the neighboring district of Imst and Innsbruck area.

The district of Landeck was especially hard hit by the Alpine floods of 2005. Much of the infrastructure were heavily damaged or destroyed. The damage is approximately 160 million euros.

Administrative divisions

The district Landeck is divided into 30 municipalities, including the City. The population figures are from January 1, 2013.

The most important of the abbreviations used are:

  • M = center of the municipality
  • Stt = district
  • R = Rotte
  • W = hamlet
  • D = village
  • ZH = Scattered houses
  • Sdlg = settlement
  • E = bowery (only if they have their own locality code)

The complete list that uses the Statistics Austria, can be found at Topographic settlement Labelling according to STAT

Please note that some places may have different spellings. So Katastralgemeinden write differently than the same localities.

Source: Statistics Austria - Tirol list (PDF)


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