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Landesbank Berlin AG ( LBB) is a universal bank with its headquarters in Berlin. The historical core of the LBB is the Berliner Sparkasse. The parent company, Landesbank Berlin Holding AG is a financial holding company and holds one hundred percent of the shares of Landesbank Berlin AG. It is wholly owned by the Savings Banks Financial Group.

In 2013 it was announced that the Landesbank Berlin will go up in the Berliner Sparkasse.

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The Girozentrale the city of Berlin, a forerunner of today's Landesbank Berlin, was founded on 12 December 1921 as a department of the Sparkasse der Stadt Berlin. As a result of World War II and the division of Berlin, the savings bank was smashed. As of 1950, the Savings Bank of the City of Berlin - West took over the function of a Girozentrale for Berlin. Two days before the reunion was on 1 October 1990, Landesbank Berlin - Girozentrale - ( LBB) founded as a public institution. Hubertus Moser, previously CEO of Berliner Sparkasse, now CEO of Landesbank Berlin, laid on 31 December 1990 the first balance report of Landesbank Berlin, in which the two savings banks were combined before. The balance sheet total amounted to around 31 billion DM for the Institute were working at that time about 6,000 employees, including 1,800 in the east of the city.

Merger to Bank Gesellschaft Berlin and crisis

The Bank of Berlin was founded in 1994 by the merger of Landesbank Berlin (including the Berliner Sparkasse ) of Berliner Bank AG and the Berlin- Hanover Mortgage Bank AG. This company was unique in the German banking sector, as private and public banks were merged for the first time. The banking company served here both as a holding company as well as your own bank. The aim of the foundation was to be represented again in Berlin with a major bank.

Shortly after the recording significant business risks in the lending business of Berliner Bank AG became known that required significant adjustments. Furthermore, the Group established a very extensive and risky real estate services business. Together with the high allowance for loan losses, brought these risks, the banking company in a jeopardizing situation. As a consequence of a tough restructuring program to stabilize the Group was initiated. In August of 2001, a capital increase of EUR 1.997 billion was carried out, of which the State of Berlin acquired a stake in the amount of EUR 1,755 billion. The shareholding of the State of Berlin increased from 56.8 % to 80.95 %. Various agreements with the State of Berlin governing the shielding of the Group to the high risks that had caused the subsidiaries of the Bank with its real estate services business. Since it is both - capital and risk protection - constitute state aid, they had to be approved by the EU Commission. This authorized the aid under the condition that the State of Berlin until 2007 had to part with their shares in the Company.

Conversion of LBB in a corporation

Girozentrale - - Based on the Berlin Savings Bank Act of 28 June 2005, Landesbank Berlin was converted on January 1, 2006 by a public corporation into a limited company

Renaming of the Bank of

At the meeting, the banking company on 14 July 2006 it was decided to draw a line on the outside. The Bank Gesellschaft Berlin AG was renamed on 29 August 2006 in Landesbank Berlin Holding AG. The assets of the banking company was incorporated in the Landesbank Berlin AG, in return, the Company received shares in the bank Landesbank.

Acquisition of NetBank

To have on your balance sheet press conference in May 2007, the LBB a majority stake of 75 percent minus one share of Netbank, which previously belonged exclusively several Sparda banks announced, adopted.

Sale to the Savings Banks Finance Group

Due granted EU aid to Land Berlin was forced to sell by the end of 2007 its share. In the bidding process 19 national and international buyers, including the DSGV, BayernLB, Landesbank Baden -Württemberg and Commerzbank were compared. On 15 June 2007, the Savings Banks Finance Group was awarded the contract for the former national share of 81 percent. The bid was 4.62 billion euros. Which, however, a report by the rbb on 31 May 2007 According to face a multiple of liabilities that remain even after the sale of the Land Berlin.

In addition to the purchase price of the DSGV had committed to acquire a silent partnership contribution of the Land Berlin in the amount of 723 million euros.

Alleged Data Theft in 2008

On 12 December 2008 it was announced that the Frankfurter Rundschau had received a package with detailed credit card statements from the year 2008 by customers of Landesbank Berlin ( LBB). The seized by the police Frankfurt data show eight unopened PIN letters (post - returns) were included to blocked accounts. The data contained in it could not be used, according to the State Bank to provide access to customer accounts. In addition to customers Landesbank also customers of credit cards of the Automobile Club ADAC and the internet retailer Amazon were affected. The data stored on microfiche data was apparently stolen according to media reports on a courier transport, with the IT service AtosWorldline had the company General Logistics Systems (GLS ) was commissioned.

As reported on 19 December 2008, this two couriers were in charge, who had stolen a Christmas cake from a packet to the editor of the Frankfurter Rundschau and consumed. Subsequently, the employee is one of six packets addressed to the LBB with the data took it and stuck the label of the opened package with the Christmas cake, which was thus delivered to the Frankfurter Rundschau instead of the actual packet. On 2 June 2009, the two couriers were sentenced by the Frankfurt District Court to a fine.

Landesbank Berlin Holding AG

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Landesbank Berlin Holding AG is a pure financial holding company and acts as the holding company for Landesbank Berlin AG.

Board of Directors

  • John Evers ( Chairman)
  • Jan Bettink


Significant investments

Landesbank Berlin AG

Landesbank Berlin AG is a credit institution within the meaning of § 1 of the Banking Act. It operates under its own name and the Berliner Sparkasse bank transactions. In its business orientation, the Bank relies on four business areas ( retail banking, corporate banking, real estate and capital market business ). The LBB claims to 2.1 million credit cards issued currently the largest credit card issuer in Germany.

Board of Directors

  • John Evers ( Chairman) - Compliance, Finance, Back Office, Human Resources, Internal Audit, Risk and Controlling, Corporate Development and Legal
  • Serge Demolière - capital market business
  • Hans Jürgen Kulartz - Purchasing Management, Corporate Banking, infrastructure, organizational control
  • Patrick Tessman - Private customers


Significant investments