Landolfshausen is a place in southern Lower Saxony in the integrated municipality in the district of Göttingen Radolfshausen.


Landolfshausen is located on the Suhla, about 18 kilometers east of Göttingen and 10 km west of Duderstadt. The neighboring municipalities are Ebergötzen, Seulingen, and Waake.

To Landolfshausen include the districts Mackenrode, Potzwenden and Falk Hagen.


The first mention Landolf Hausen can be found in the Traditiones Fuldenses in which the place is run under the name Lantolfshausen, and in the lists of goods of the Hildesheim St. Michael monastery and the monastery clean living. The certificate issued by Bishop Bernward of Hildesheim deed dated to the year 1022 and is now regarded as a forgery. This document also is that while the late medieval Wüstungeperiode abandoned village Svechusen addressed in Leinegau, which was located directly in the neighborhood of the former Landwardeshusen. Another neighboring deserted village was also abandoned in the late Middle Ages village Drudewenshusen.

During the late Middle Ages Landolfshausen was part of the rule Plesse, this is evident from a report, which states that the representatives of the Lords of Plesse Gottschalk the Elder and his brother Jan and Gottschalk's son Gottschalk 1395 the pin to Pöhlde half her village to Radeleveshusen with the Tenth, Barbican, and all fruit and deposit interest rates for 56 Göttingen Mark sold. With this amount Plesser broke again a Valckenhagen their villages ( Falk Hagen), Landolfshausen and Radeleveshusen that were temporarily held by Heinrich von Stockhausen. Moreover, testified that the gentlemen of the court Plesse bought Landolfshausen along with the desert town Svechusen. They made the surrounding, in places desolate like Land reclamation of and verlehnten it as Erbzinsgut of 124 and a half morning.

Later, mid-19th century, was one of the place to the former Office Radolfshausen. Together with the nearby houses Trudel mill it formed a community association and counted a total of 636 residents who lived in 106 houses, while about the year 1818 the village had only 526 inhabitants.

On 1 January 1973, communities Falk Hagen, Mackenrode and Potzwenden were incorporated.


The last two municipal elections on 11 September 2011 and on 10 September 2006 led to the following results:

Culture and sights


In Landolfshausen there is the original Landolf houses Blasmusikanten.


The turn and sports club Landolfshausen has about 600 active and passive members. These sections soccer, handball and table tennis.


  • Lookout tower resin views near Mack Röder peak in the Göttingen Forest