Landquart, Switzerland

Country views to the south and the Quart Calanda

Country Quart is a municipality in the district, five villages, District Landquart the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland. Country quart since the 1st of January 2012, the name of the united municipalities Igis and Mastrils. It is an important transport hub and industrial center on the southern bank of the river of the same name. Country Quart belongs to the district, five villages and is the capital of the district land Quart.

It is known the country Quart station is on which of the standard-gauge Swiss Federal Railways ( SBB) switched to the Rhaetian Railway to go on meter gauge tracks Prättigau and Davos (first line of the Rhaetian Railway ) or the Lower Engadine (newest section of the Rhaetian Railway ). According to Churchill, SFR trains ( without stopping ) and RhB ( regional trains ) side by side.

The former country quart factories since 2004 is to country Quart. Significantly, the agricultural training center Plantahof.

Who wants to reach on foot the Prättigau beats from the train station the way to Prättigauer Trail, which runs along the entire Rätikon chain.


  • Reformed Church Igis
  • Castle Marschlins
  • Station Landquart
  • Historical rolling stock of the Rhaetian Railway (15 vehicles)
  • Locomotive shed
  • Industrialist's villa
  • ÖKK Headquarters Eastern Switzerland, 2002 Architects: Valentin Bearth, Andrea Deplazes, Daniel Ladner