Landwind X6

The Landwind X6 ( four-door ) and Landwind X9 ( two-door), initially Jiangling Landwind is a sport utility vehicle of Jiangling Motors from the People's Republic of China.

The models

The Landwind is similar in design to the Isuzu Rodeo from the years 1991 to 1997 and its sister model Opel Frontera.

It is equipped as Landwind X6 with fünftürigem combined construction and as a Landwind X9 with two-door body and an openable vehicle roof at the rear. The Landwind X9 is thus similar to the Opel Frontera Sport. While the bodies with those of the Isuzu Rodeo or Opel Frontera is almost identical, the front end has been completely redesigned.

Initially, the car was known as the Jiangling Landwind, where " Landwind " has become a complete brand of Jiangling Motors, so that the two models simply called Landwind X6 and X9 Landwind. In the U.S., the long version is sold as a land breeze Landwind GV6 or Fitch.

The ADAC criticized the high of 11.6 liters of premium fuel consumption and very poor workmanship.

Engines and propulsion

As engine options, a 2.0 -liter and a 2.4 -liter four- cylinder petrol engine and a 2.8-liter four-cylinder diesel engine are available. The gasoline engines are from Mitsubishi, the diesel is manufactured by Isuzu. The Landwind X9 is not offered with the 2.0 liter engine.

The Landwind has a rear wheel drive. All models are also available with all-wheel drive.


According to the ADAC the Landwind in crash tests has relatively poor results. In a frontal crash at 64 km / h, the passenger compartment was severely deformed. Also in a side impact with a higher speed, the occupants would lead to severe head injuries. Further, established by the ADAC defects are increased rolling tendency, imprecise steering, no ESP, long braking distances and no ABS. The Landwind not correspond to the high European safety standards. Therefore, an authorization within the EU is only possible by individual authorization or with the bigger one because the EU rules on crash tests for cars only valid up to a total weight of 2,500 kg.

Peter Bijvelds, Europe importer of the Landwind, announced at a press conference in early October 2005 in The Hague that the Landwind has been tested by TÜV again and the results were very encouraging. He also said that the future will try everything to comply with European standards.

Standard equipment

The Landwind is fitted as standard in addition to a spacious body, air conditioning, leather seats, alloy wheels, radio with CD player for many more comfort and features.


Officially, the Landwind is not exported to Europe. The Dutch ex-racing driver Peter Bijvelds has, however, secured the import rights for all of Europe and provides the vehicle with prices starting at 15.000, - Euro in the Netherlands and Belgium. The Landwind is thus one of the cheap offers in its class, such as the Dacia Logan in the compact class.