Langenberg (Reinhardswald)


The Langenberg is a little over 430 m above sea level. NN high foothills of the mountain in the Hahnemann Reinhardswald in the district of Kassel, North Hesse ( Germany ).

Geographical location

The tall mountain rises as west-northwest foothills of Mount Hahne 2.5 km east of Gottsbüren (eastern district of Trendelburg ) and 2.2 km (distances in each case a straight line ) south-southwest of Gieselwerder ( chief town of Upper Weser). Near the highest point of the forested mountain spur is a small clearing.

Mountain height

The Langenberg is loud from topographic maps apparent contour lines about 430 m above sea level. NN high. Its height is often "only" given as 424 m, which, however, at a survey point at 423.6 m above sea level. NN refers, which lies just south of and below which is located near its highest point clearing.


About the Langenberg summit runs a portion of the Diemel -Weser watershed that is part of the Diemel-Eder/Fulda/Weser-Wasserscheide: The water of all the streams that flow from the Long Mountain in western directions, reached via Fuldebach, Holzape and Diemel the Weser in an indirect way; the counter reach the very short rivers that flow into eastern directions ( eg Trumbach ), after a few kilometers of the river Weser in a direct way.