IUCN Category IV - Habitat-/Species Management Area

The nature reserve Langenwerder

Langenwerder is a small uninhabited island and a nature reserve. It is located near the island of Poel north of Goll wit, in the municipality of Insel Poel. It is separated from the island through the shallow hollow hole. From the peninsula of the mainland Boiensdorfer Werder separates the bay Goll joke. The result of Langenwerder under the Littorina transgression is several thousand years ago as a barrier beach, which is still actively formed in the context of coastal clearing processes ..


The Langenwerder part of the landscape unit Wismar Bay, which is classified as a conservation area and bird sanctuary under EU law. A comprehensive management plan for the coordination between the interests of nature conservation, water sports and fishing was developed in 2006. The island itself is identified with the surrounding shallow waters since June 23, 1924 as a nature reserve. The purpose of protection is to preserve the island as a habitat of coastal bird life, which is dominated by gulls, ducks and terns. Typical habitats in the nature reserve are dunes, salt marshes and marine block and stone surfaces. Highlighting values ​​breeding birds are dwarf, fire and arctic tern, oystercatcher, ringed plover and redshank and shelduck.

The current field state is only classified as satisfactory by numerous faults of the surrounding areas of water through water sports and fishing.

At 800 meters long and 500 meters wide Baltic Sea island of entering is not permitted. The association Langenwerder to protect shorebirds and waterfowl eV does the reserve service.