Langford (British Columbia)

Langford is a city at the southern end of Vancouver Iceland in British Columbia, Canada. The city in the metropolitan area of ​​Greater Victoria, is part of the Capital Regional District.

The city is located about 9 kilometers west of Victoria and of the communities Metchosin, Colwood, View Royal, Highlands as well as the District Capital H ( also Juan de Fuca Electoral Area called ) surrounded.


The history of the church goes further back than just the general viewing by Europeans since before settlement by Europeans, the area was already settlements and hunting grounds of the First Nation.

In the southwestern Vancouver Iceland originally were several large farms that were established in the 1850s by the Hudson 's Bay Company to supply the ever-increasing population of their trading post Fort Victoria. The community is named after Edward Langford, a member of the Puget Sound Agricultural Company ( a subsidiary of the Hudson 's Bay Company). Around 1851, he managed a large farm here, whose territory would include large parts of the church today Langford and Colwood.

Over time, so many people lived in the settlement, which was opened here on July 1, 1911 and a post office.


The census in 2011 showed a population of 29,228 inhabitants for the settlement. The population of the settlement has thereby increased since the census of 2006 at 30.1%, while the population in the province of British Columbia at the same time grew only by 7.0%. Langford had developed the highest population growth in the province and is, to Victoria and Saanich, the third largest municipality in the Capital Regional District.


The first award of the local self-government for the church took place on 8 December 1992 ( incorporated as a District Municipality ). In the meantime, the status of the community, however, has changed. On 1 December 2003 the recognition was granted as a city (incorporated as the City Municipality ).

Mayor of the city since 1993 Stewart Young. Together with six other citizens, it forms the city council ( council).


Just as in the neighboring communities of View Royal or Colwwod is trade, in addition to the accommodation and catering, one of the dominant industry. A large part of the workforce is employed in the public administration and health care. While many employees live in the city but work in the surrounding communities, particularly in Victoria.

The average income of employees of Langford in 2005 was slightly above average 25 758 C $ ( household income: 63 705 C $), during this same time the average for the entire province of British Columbia only 24 867 C $ ( household income: 65 787 C $), respectively.


Langford is due to the Trans-Canada Highway ( Highway 1 ) and the other on Highway 14, Highway 14 has its beginning in Langford.

The city has to reach, no airport, but is just about the airports in the surrounding communities, especially those of Victoria.


On the northern edge of the city of Goldstream Provincial Park is located. He is the main tourist attraction of the city, because another major tourist attractions are not available.