Langley, British Columbia (district municipality)

The district Langley (also Township of Langley ) is an administrative unit of the type of a municipal district in the Canadian province of British Columbia. It belongs to the Regional Director Strict Metro Vancouver and is bordered by the Fraser River to the north and the border with the United States in the south. In the West, it surrounds the town of Langley and Surrey borders, in the east Abbotsford joins the Regional Director Strict Fraser Valley.

In the district of the historic fur trading post Fort Langley Hudson's Bay Company is from 1827, which was the first settlement in the interior of the now Canadian Pacific coast and in the formation of British Columbia was proclaimed in 1858. To the post developed the present village of the same name and other settlements, the largest of which was known as Langley. It was spun off in 1955 as an independent city of the district.


The census in 2011 showed a population of 104 177 persons for the metropolitan region. The population has thereby increased in the metropolitan area compared to the census of 2006 at 11.2%, while the population at the same time grew only by 7.0% in British Columbia.