Langwasser Mitte (Nuremberg U-Bahn)

Metro Station Long Aquatic Centre (abbreviation: LM) was opened as a third subway station of Nuremberg subway on March 1, 1972. It is 591 meters from Scharfreiterring Metro Station and 494 meters from the Community House Underground Station. In the original planning of these Metro Station had the working title Breslauer Straße. Its present name dates back to the location in the center of the Nuremberg district long water.


The station is located in the district of Nuremberg long water and extends below the ground in northwest-southeast direction between the intersection Otto Bärnreuther / Breslauer Straße and the bus station. The North of steps leads up to Breslauer Straße, the Südaufgang to the bus station. The elevator leads from the platform center to the surface north of the bus station.

In the immediate vicinity of the station is the Franken-Center.

Building and Architecture

Construction of the station building began in 1967 and were carried out in an open design. The elevator was upgraded in 1982.

The design of the station as a functional building matches the style of the 1960s. The tiled with ceramic tiles platform walls from the floor to the height of the platform edge gray and then to ceiling white, only the band with the stop name is held in light brown with white letters. The square ceiling supports are also white tiles.

The bus station is spanned by a solid concrete roof and has been built during the construction of the subway with. However, it was only with the extension of the metro in Nuremberg's Old Town on January 28, 1978 in full operation.


The station is serviced by the U1 line. There is a bus station, stop at the city bus lines 52, 55 to 57, 68, 92, 93 and 98, and the OVF lines 501, 504, and 601 to 603 on the surface. On weekends also at night run the night bus N4 and N60.