Lantingji Xu

Orchid Pavilion (Chinese兰亭 序, Pinyin Lanting Xu ) is the title of the most famous Chinese calligraphy of Wang Xizhi. It was made ​​in the late spring of the year 353. On that day, Wang Xizhi and his friends met at the Orchid Pavilion ( Lanting ) in Kuaiji (Chinese会稽, Pinyin Kuaiji ) for sealing and drinking.

The scholars settled on the banks of a stream and put wine into the water bowl. The one before they stopped, had to write a poem. Wang Xizhi wrote on this occasion the " Preface to the meeting of the Orchid Pavilion " (Chinese兰亭 集 序, Pinyin Lanting Xu jí ).

In the evening, the company decided that each participant should write to commemorate the meeting of a poem. Sixteen of them but were so drunk that her paper was blank. Wang Xianzhi, the son of Wang Xizhis just could not write his name.

Wang Xizhi wrote his poem and even added in a postscript, in which he created his masterpiece. These eight lines he held until the end of his life for his beautiful calligraphy.

The Lanting Xu consists of 324 characters in 28 lines. The character zhi (之) comes in front of 20 times, but no two of these characters look the same.

How great was the veneration for this document, proves the fact that the emperor of the Tang Dynasty, Tang Taizong could be buried with the Lanting Xu.


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  • 353