Lao Brewery Company

The Lao Brewery Company Ltd.. (LBC ) is a beverage company and operates the only brewery of importance in Laos, located in Vientiane. The main product is the beer brand Beerlao. Buoyed by high import tariffs has Beerlao in Laos a market share of 98 % to 99 %.


The company was founded in 1971 as a joint venture between French and Lao businessmen under the name Brasseries et Glacières du Laos ( BGL) and took 1973 production. The two products were Bière Larue for the local market and " 33 " export for export ( Indochina ).

In the wake of the communist takeover at the end of the Vietnam War, the company was nationalized in 1975 and changed the name to Lao Brewery Company, and launched the brand of beer Lao Bière. The brand " 33 " export continued until 1990 and Bière Larue until 1995. In 1995 the latter was replaced by Beerlao.

With the introduction of market-oriented economic policy came in 1985 to a new joint venture. The Lao government had 49 % of the shares; 51 % had the Loxley PLC and Italian Thai PLC. Since 2002, Carlsberg Asia is involved in the company, first to 25% and from 2005 to 50%. In 2005 the company had 493 employees and was rated at 56 million U.S. dollars. The company in 2006 was the largest taxpayer in Laos. Due to the increasing demand for Beerlao LBC opened a second production site in Champasak Province in May 2008.

LBC processed rice from domestic production. Barley malt is imported from Belgium and France, hops and yeast from Germany. The production machines are from Europe.


Is Beerlao in its gold ( lager, 5% alcohol ), storage ( Lager, 5 % alcohol), Light ( light beer, 2.9% alcohol) and Dark ( dark beer, 6.5% alcohol ) are offered. Additional products the Lao Brewery Company has been brewing since 2005 under license Carlsberg ( Pilsner, 5 % alcohol) and since 2008 Lanexang ( Lager, 5.5% alcohol). The variant gold as the newest product produced since January 2010.

Is Beerlao in bottles of 64 cl (Gold and bearings) and 33 cl bottled (bearings, Light and Dark ). Only stock is also sold in doses of 50 and 33 cl. Furthermore, draft beer is produced. Beerlao is in about a dozen countries exports ( including to Japan, France and the USA ).

The company produces and sells bottled drinking water also under the brand Tiger Head.