Laraki Automobiles is a former Moroccan carmaker, which had its headquarters in Casablanca. The company was founded by Abdeslam Laraki for automobile manufacturing existed from 1999 to 2008 and is considered by GRP Engineering as a second manufacturer of super sports cars of the African continent. The company used the brand code DF9 In the vehicle identification number.


In 1986 founded Abdeslam Laraki Laraki the company style. In this case, the company specialized in designing cutlery, china and glassware.

In 1999, Abdeslam Laraki then founded the company Laraki Automobiles and sat down with some car manufacturers in connection to the manufacturers as a supplier to win. This made ​​the Italian Automobili Lamborghini SpA for Laraki the most appealing offer.

While the design of the new vehicle of Laraki design was designed, Lamborghini was responsible for the supply of technical equipment and all vehicle parts. Then the Laraki Fulgura was presented as the first model of the brand in February 2002. A few years later came the Laraki Borac.

In 2008, he finally ended automobile production and dedicated to the design of yachts. Activities it is mainly for the company Bentley Yachts, among which is now Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Al- one of its most important customers.


Laraki Fulgura

The Laraki Fulgura is a 1.13 meter high super sports car with lightweight carbon fiber chassis and aluminum body, which produces an output of 530 kW with a 6- liter V12 engine from Lamborghini. Stylistically, but the Fulgura has no resemblance to the vehicles Lamborghinis. The production of Fulgura started in 2003 in an annual circulation of 20 units.

The V8 version of the Fulgura launched in the summer of 2003. Motor here, however, was not made ​​by Lamborghini, but a 5.5 - liter supercharged engine from AMG. The V8 version has a power output of 441 kW and cost about 320,000 euros. The V12, however, had a price of about 400,000 euros.

Laraki Borac

Finally, in 2005 began the production of the second model, the Laraki Borac. This was offered in the same equipment as the Fulgura V8. The engine comes from the same AMG series. When Borac the displacement is, however, only 3.2 liters. Another difference to the other models, is that this is a car with front wheel drive. Despite the reduced cubic capacity of the engine of the Borac has an output of 397 kW. The price of Borac was about 200,000 euros.