Larry Hagman

Larry Martin Hagman ( born September 21, 1931 in Fort Worth, Texas, † November 23, 2012 in Dallas, Texas ) was an American actor. World famous he was the role of Major Nelson in the television series I Dream of Jeannie, the TV legend, the role of John Ross " JR " Ewing made ​​him beyond in the television saga, Dallas.


Became internationally known Larry Hagman, son of well-known Broadway actress Mary Martin, especially his roles in the television series I Dream of Jeannie (as astronaut Tony Nelson ) and 1978-1991 in the family saga Dallas. In this he played the ruthless Texas oil baron JR Ewing, who forged intrigues against his brother and his wife was cheating. It was the role of his life and was in his own words the best thing he's ever done in my life. Dallas was until now the most successful television series and Hagman the crowd puller. 300 million people are said to have watched this, like Hagman in a cliffhanger as JR was gunned down on television. This role, however, never let go of him in public, he was almost exclusively with JR Ewing identified.

He has played in the movie 1965 First victory with John Wayne and Kirk Douglas landed in the leading roles, 1966 in The Clique with Candice Bergen and Hal Holbrook and 1976 's The eagle with Donald Sutherland and Michael Caine. In the film, O'Malley, please report of 1978, he played the leukemia police O'Malley. As a hotel guest, he joined in 1991 in the hit series A castle on the Wörthersee. He also played in 1997 in the TV movie The Third Twin with Kelly McGillis and Kenneth Welsh with. In 1995 he had a supporting role as the oil giant in Oliver Stone's film Nixon. 2006 was Larry Hagman of surprise star in an episode of the Linde Street, where he booked a flight to Dallas in a travel agency. He also had a role on the hit series Nip / Tuck - Beauty has its price, and in 2011 made ​​a guest appearance in Desperate Housewives as a new stepfather " Lynette Scavo " ( Felicity Huffman). Since Dallas Hagman was mainly synchronized by Wolfgang Pampel.

As a result of his many years of alcohol dependence in 1995 he received a liver transplant, which, according to media reports, some had to be removed end of 2003. Hagman and his wife Maj engaged politically and socially, such as organ donation and, since the power outage on 14 August 2003, which paralyzed the entire east coast of the United States and parts of Canada, for an energy turnaround - Hagman as a "front man of American solar scene." He was regarded as a critic of former U.S. President George W. Bush. Since the 1960s, he was a member of the left - alternative Peace and Freedom Party.

In 1987, Hagman out the video Stop Smoking for Life, which will help with smoking cessation. All profits were donated to the American Cancer Society. In 2010 he turned under director Sönke Wortmann several commercials for the German solar energy company SolarWorld, which were first broadcast in the United States.

On 1 October 2010 Hagman was a surprise guest at the launch of the official flood of Phoenix Lake in Dortmund. In 2011, he was next to Karima el- Mahroug and Zachi Noy one of Richard Lugners guests at the Vienna Opera Ball. At the final event of the SPD before the election to the House in 2011, he was present as a supporter of Klaus Wowereit on stage at Potsdamer Platz.

Hagman was also active as a director. In 1967 he made ​​his directorial debut and directed three episodes of the series I Dream of Jeannie. In the years 1971/1972 two episodes of the series followed a glorious life. In 1972 he turned to Beware! The Blob his only feature film. It is a sequel to Blob -. Terrors without names of 1958 Also in Dallas Hagman joined as a director in appearance and staged from 1979 to 1991 more than 30 episodes. His last directorial works are from the period 1992 to 1994. He participated at this time on the series In the Heat of the Night.

2011 Hagman ill with throat cancer, according to press release in a " very widespread [ n] and treatable [n ] form." On November 23, 2012, he succumbed to cancer at the Medical City Dallas Hospital. Shortly before, he had in the new edition of Dallas again as JR Ewing participated. For the public, his death came despite the cancer surprising mainly because of its ongoing public presence.

Hagman had two children. With his last suffering from Alzheimer's Maj he was married for 58 years from 1954 until his death. He lived on a farm in Ojai in Ventura County northwest of Los Angeles.

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