Lars Ulrich

Lars Ulrich ( born December 26, 1963 in Gentofte, Denmark ) is a Danish- American drummer and songwriter. He co-founded the heavy metal band Metallica.


As the son of a professional tennis player and jazz club owner Torben Ulrich Lars Ulrich came early into contact with the music. The father played Lars records of music legends such as Miles Davis and Charlie Parker before. The family traveled for the tennis tournaments around the world. 1973 visited Lars Ulrich with his father, a concert of Deep Purple, whose guitarist Ritchie Blackmore deeply impressed him in his own words.

As a child, he initially wanted his father to become a professional tennis player. In 1976 he started to play music after he had given his first drum his grandparents. 1979 the family moved to the U.S. and settled in Newport Beach, one south of Los Angeles situated town, down.

Lars was sent by his parents in a tennis boarding school, but after half a year he went back to the music, especially the New Wave of British Heavy Metal ( NWOBHM ). The problem, however, was that they had noticed in the U.S. still unaware of this music. So Ulrich had to get friends from Denmark on these boards, especially from Diamond Head. This band is Lars had so impressed that he flew to England in 1980 to the group to watch live. He became friends with the singer Sean Harris and spent a month with the band. Lars was also the founder of the American Motorhead fan.

Back in the U.S., Lars Ulrich set out to make his own band on the legs. An offer of Kurdt Vanderhoof he had to decline, as the band Anvil Chorus ( the precursor of Metal Church ) was located in San Francisco.

About an ad in the Recycler Magazine, in which he was looking for bandmates, he met the guitarist James Hetfield know. With him he founded in 1981 the band Metallica. In the creative process in the band Ulrich is primarily responsible for arranging the riffs and song ideas of the other band members. In addition, he has developed over the years into a sort of mouthpiece for the band ( he took the tape, for example, during the discussion about Napster at a hearing of the U.S. Senate ).

Ulrich was significantly influenced by the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. He put the sampler published 1990 New Wave of British Heavy Metal '79 Revisited together, but all the work that had by his own admission underestimated.

"It started so that I could not reach some of these groups, no one knew, as one might contact to which they were lost literally. Like for example the Holocaust. The only thing we were able to bring in experience from this band yet, was that their guitarist was living somewhere in Edinburgh. So we have, as one day I was in London at the Phonogram, called and asked to give us the numbers of all John Mortimer in Edinburgh the information. The also gave us six or seven numbers, and then off we went. A John Mortimer by one we have antelefoniert. It went something like this:? , Hello? ·, Hi, you are the John Mortimer, who has played guitar ten years ago at Holocaust ' · Will you kidding me? I am a miner and never have had anything to do with any Holocaust. Goodbye! ' We had mine pals off and auto dealers and what I do not know everything. Some of them must have thought us stupid for quite a bit. "

In 1997 he married Skylar Satenstein, of which he was divorced in 2004.

He is currently with the Danish actress Connie Nielsen together, which brought a son into the relationship. The first child, a boy, came on 21 May 2007 in San Francisco to the world.


Currently (since 2008) Lars Ulrich plays a double bass drums with two hanging toms and two floor toms. This is a Tama Starclassic Maple in " Lars Ulrich Magnetic Orange". In addition, it plays its own 14 "x 6.5" Lars Ulrich Signature Snare. He uses Zildjian A Custom cymbals and an 18 "and a 20 " Oriental China Trash Zildjian also. He plays his own Signature Ahead aluminum sticks.