Lassie ( Scots for girls ) is a female of the breed Collie and the main character of books, films and TV series. Lassie is considered as the most famous dog in the world.

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Short story

Lassie was created by the British- American writer Eric Knight, who published the short story Lassie Come Home in the Saturday Evening Post on 17th December 1938. In 1940, a publication as a novel.

Knights short story tells of a boy from Yorkshire, which has a particularly beautiful and loyal Collie bitch, but she, as his family gets into economic trouble, must sell to a wealthy nobleman. Neither boy nor dog can get over the breakup, which is even worse than the nobleman she brings to its hundreds of kilometers away country estate in Scotland. Instinctively Lassie escapes and tries to return to the boy.



1943, the first Lassie movie Lassie Come Home ( ran in Germany under the title homesickness ) with ten years of Elizabeth Taylor in the cinema, leaning on the literary model. Since then, many other films have been made that were so successful that Lassie was devoted as one of three dogs, besides Rin Tin Tin and Strongheart, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

On 1 September 2005 a new edition of the history of Lassie ran in American cinema. The screenplay is based on the story by Eric Knight again and was written by Charles Sturridge, who also directed.


In the television series Lassie (1954-1973) had the dog a number of masters, first the peasant boy Jeff (played by Tommy Rettig ) and Timmy (played by Jon Provost ), who were saved by the intelligent dog of all sorts of dangers. Later Ranger Corey Stuart was (played by Robert Bray ) Lassie's owner, and the end of the series came from the dog without owner. The music for the series comes in part from the pen of Fred Strittmatter and Bernhard Kaun.

Dogs Cast

Played The first dog Lassie in the television series, was a male dog named Pal, whose owner Rudd Weatherwax also trained him. Some of his descendants also played the role of Lassie. Lassie was played mostly by males, since their fur full and " telegenic " than the female dogs. For celebrity appearances at dog shows there are in the United States each an animal that is considered "official Lassie".


TV series

  • Lassie (TV series 1954-1973, Jeff 's Collie or Timmy and Lassie )
  • Lassie 's Rescue Rangers ( cartoon from 1943 )
  • The New Lassie (TV series 1989 )
  • Lassie (TV series 1997)