László Egyed

László Egyed [ la ː slo ː ɛɟɛd ] ( born February 12, 1914 in Fagaras, † July 11, 1970 in Budapest ) was a geophysicist from Hungary. He has published over 100 scientific articles and 1956 textbook A Föld Fizikája, which appeared as " Physics of the Solid Earth " in 1969 in German translation.

Egyed was a supporter of the expansion theory of the earth, which was continued in the 1970s (among others) by Samuel Warren Carey ( 1911-2002 ) and partly constitutes an alternative hypothesis on plate tectonics.

Egyed was the annual increase in its radius of about 1 mm ( 500 km since the Cambrian ). On a phenomenological basis, he represented so that geophysical implications of a possible decrease of the gravitational constant and of consequent phase transitions within the earth, the existence of which has now been made plausible by other means.

After the death Egyeds László Egyed medal was donated in memory of his world-renowned research, important works from the geophysics will be awarded at the distance of two to three years.

  • Hungarian
  • Geophysicists
  • Born in 1914
  • Died in 1970
  • Man