Latency (lat. latere be hidden ') stands for:

  • Latency (philosophy) in the given latent possibilities, cf tendency latency utopia (Ernst Bloch )
  • Latency ( policy) of topical concept in sociology since Merton and Parsons, see here currently (May 2013), most likely AGIL scheme
  • Latency ( Max Weber) rather akzidentieller term from the psychophysics of industrial labor ( in: Writings on Sociology and Social Policy )
  • Latency (medicine) temporary concealment of a disease, symptom-free period (after Pschyrembel )
  • Latency ( Psychology ) delay in psychosexual development or in the manifestation of social psychological phenomena by Sigmund Freud's development scheme
  • The period between a hidden event and the occurrence of a visible response, see the delay time and delay specially (telecommunications) and in music: Delay ( music)
  • The running time of a signal in a technical system, see Runtime ( Electrical Engineering)

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