Latin alphabets

Variants of the Latin alphabet are and have been used in many written languages ​​around the world. The following tables provide an overview.

Basic alphabet

Afrikaans, Danish, German, English, Finnish, French, Catalan, Kurdish, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish and Walloon use all 26 letters.

In Finnish, come b and f only in loanwords before, c, q, w, x, z and å ( " Swedish " o ) are very rare and occur only in foreign words. In Spanish w occurs only in foreign words and k only in exceptional cases. Chinese can be an alternative to q also use ch.

In many of the languages ​​listed above, the "missing " letter words for native foreign language origin and their derivatives (eg newtoniano in Italian and Portuguese ) or SI units ( eg, W and H) are used.


From A to I derived characters

From J to Z derived characters


Other building on the Latin alphabet alphabets

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