Latin kings of Alba Longa

Lists of the Latin kings of Alba Longa and simultaneously lists the descendants of Aeneas were often handed down, including of Livy, Ovid, Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Diodorus and Cassius Dio.

The surviving lists are all from the Augustan or later time, but both the similarities and the differences point to the existence of previous lists from the older or younger annalists. The gap of several hundred years between a state of the myth in which the Ilia, the daughter of Aeneas, the mother of Romulus and Remus, and the first batches Latin chronologies had in any case an urgent need for replenishment in the early days of Roman historiography and wake supplement: the Trojan War, and thus the arrival of Aeneas in Italy has traditionally been in the late 12th century BC, dated the beginnings of Rome according to the established until the time of Augustus basically back-calculation but in the middle of the 8. century BC the names of some of the inserted persons are manifestly formed from etiologically place names ( Tiberinus, Aventinus ), others took up mythological figures back ( Capys, Atys ).

Although the lists agree in the details often do not coincide, but are still largely parallelizable. The following table shows the various lists next to each other and, beginning with Aeneas, numbered. It should be noted that this Iulus / Ascanius is indeed the founder and thus the first king of Alba Longa, but the second in the list. When Dionysius and the Chronograph of 354 is also the number of years of rule is specified.

A succession of kings from the lineage of Aeneas is also indicated by Virgil, however, this differs greatly from the king lists given above from: Silvius, Procas, Capys, Numitor, Aeneas Silvius and finally Romulus.

For the period after Numitor of Alba Longa to the destruction not a complete list is preserved. Plutarch, after Numitors death had his grandson Romulus waived his rightful throne and let govern the city instead of annually changing head. For the period of the Roman king Tullus Hostilius is called Alba Longa for King as Gaius Cluilius. He was followed by the Dictator Mettius Fufetius.

One of Plutarch mentioned, different version, according to Romulus and Remus should not have been the grandson of Numitor, but her mother had been the servant of a not mentioned by other authors king Tarchetius.

Pedigree of Aeneas according to Livy

The lineage of the kings of Alba Longa of Aeneas and Venus, according to Livy: