Latin school

Latin school was called since the Middle Ages, the school that their students prepared differently than the small angle or school German school on a clerical profession or a later study at a university and especially Latin taught. They often consisted of an Episcopal church or urban community church. After the secularization of Church by the Reformation they could establish itself as the prince of school or town school. Often, the Latin school has now received names such as grammar school, high school or secondary school.

During the 19th century it was replaced by the humanistic high school; it is thus the forerunner of today's so-called classical languages ​​school.


Latin school is, inter alia, for

  • Old Latin School Alfeld
  • Old Latin School Brugg
  • Old Latin School White Castle
  • Free Latin School, Bremen
  • Höninger Latin School
  • Latin School, Heilbronn
  • Latin School Pirmasens
  • Latin School Gemmingen
  • Latin School Merkendorf
  • Latin School Wertheim
  • Latin School, North
  • Latina, Halle ( Saale)
  • Latin School Stralsund