Lauchringen is a municipality in the district of Waldshut in Baden- Württemberg ( Germany ).

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Geographical location

Lauchringen is located in the Rhine valley of the lower Klettgau at the foot of the castle with Küssabergs Küssaburg, one of the landmarks of the region.

Community structure

The community Lauchringen consists of the two formerly independent communities of the upper and lower Lauchringen. In the territory of the former municipality Oberlauchringen is the deserted village Rüffenhausen. For the former municipality under Lauchringen also included house and homestead on Hohrain (formerly Upper Staad ) and the houses Äuleboden, In Ibrunnen and station Oberlauchringen.

Neighboring communities

The municipality is bordered to the north by the municipality Wutoeschingen, to the east by Unterklettgau, to the south and to the west by the Kuessaberg large district Waldshut- Tiengen.


During construction of the A98 were discovered in 1991 in a cave in which a small piece of pine was discovered with three Placoduszähnen. The cave was closed after a short investigation by experts again.

The settlement dates back to the early Lauchringen Alemannic time. This is supported in addition to the typical ending in " ingen" archaeological findings. It is first attested in writing Oberlauchringen in a document of the monastery Rheinau from the year 860


Today's church was formed on 1 July 1971 as part of local government reform in Baden- Württemberg through the merger of two previously independent municipalities of sub Lauchringen and Oberlauchringen.

  • Coat of arms of the former municipalities



The church is an independent municipality.

Parish council

The council are after the local elections of 13 June 2004 next to the mayor as chairman, 18 members. After the local elections of 7 June 2009, the composition did not change.


Mayor of Lauchringen Thomas Schäuble.

  • To 1971 in Oberlauchringen Bertold Schmidt
  • In sub Lauchringen: August Strittmatter
  • From July 1, 1971 to July 31, 2002: Bertold Schmidt
  • From 1 August 2002: Thomas Schäuble

Coat of arms

The coat of arms of Lauchringen shows in split shield, divided up by Silver Red by three ascending peaks, down in a blue border silver swan. There the municipality was awarded in 1971 after the unification of districts and takes the motives of the coat of arms of the two locations.

The local colors are blue and white


Since 1997, a partnership with the municipality of Saint -Pierre -de- Chandieu which is located about 20 km south-east of Lyon.

Culture and sights

  • Hiking area of ​​the leek Ringer forest
  • The Springing at Feldberg Wutach forms in sub Lauchringen one of the bulkiest natural waterfall in Germany - would be the Wutach there by the water drainage not sometimes nearly dry.
  • The marketplace in sub Lauchringen, with market on Thursdays and public viewing during special events, was built in summer 2005.
  • Award-winning settlements in sub Lauchringen


The Gasthaus Adler in the district is Oberlauchringen one of the oldest inns in the region. The earliest documentary evidence is included in the 1303-08 drafted land register. The inn was of great importance, since it met the Free Imperial district court. Later it was used by the Austrian Empire front post as a post house.


  • Adventure pool (solar heated ) with a 64 - meter water slide, lazy river, 50 - meter lap pool, wading pool, diving pool with 1 -, 2 - and 3- meter diving boards, small children's swimming area, a kiosk and a total water surface area of ​​over 2,000 m². Has opened the swimming pool from mid-May to mid-September. The leek Ringer swimming pool was built in 1975 and converted to a water park in 1993. It is one of the largest on the Upper Rhine.
  • Wutach Stadium, pure football stadium with a large grandstand and home ground of SC Lauchringen (district league). The adjacent artificial turf field and running track is primarily used for football training and for athletics.
  • Tennis facility of the TC Lauchringen near the Wutach stadium with 6 clay courts and clubhouse.
  • Sports hall in sub Lauchringen near the main school, home of the Handball Club Lauchringen and the gymnastics club
  • Community hall, which can also be used as a sports venue
  • Multi-purpose hall in Oberlauchringen

Regular events

  • Carnival
  • Two forest festivals, one is organized by the Musikverein Oberlauchringen, the other from the Choral Society
  • Regular concerts at the Musikverein Oberlauchringen and the brass band under Lauchringen
  • Market day on Thursdays
  • Linde course feast of fools Association Räbenheim e.V.
  • Theater performances of the amateur dramatic group stage fright
  • Various Christmas and Easter concerts
  • Christmas market
  • Leek Ringer 5 Series Road Race
  • Exchange with the French twin town Saint- Pierre -de- Chandieu

Economy and infrastructure


In Lauchringen were in June 2006 1.635 socially insured jobs, of which 56 % in industry. About 22% of the leek Ringer workers are commuters.


Lauchringen is a small regional railway junction where the High Rhine train from Basel to Singen ( Hohentwiel ) and Constance meets the Wutachtalbahn Immendingen. The high Rheinbahn provides hourly connections to Basel Baden train station. On the Wutachtalbahn there are only occasional services to the local museum railway.

By Lauchringen the busy B lead 34 and the opening into it B 314 About Lauchringen leads for some years a portion of federal highway 98, which serves as a bypass for the time being of the local part sub Lauchringen. Another section of the A 98, which will also serve as a bypass of the local part Oberlauchringen, is under construction.

Established businesses

The largest employer of Lauchringen is the textile company Lauffenmühle. It employs over 250 people. Another company is the company Simmler jams with 40 employees. Since 1964, the company Hans - O.Habermann UL CSA with more than 30 employees transformers up to 400 kVA ago.


In Lauchringen the monopoly newspaper Südkurier is represented by its offshoot Alb- Bote. For this, the display sheets " WOM " and " Anzeigerhochhaus Rhine " come.

Authorities and institutions

Lauchringen was until 31 December 2007, the seat of the deanery of the Archdiocese of Freiburg Wutachtal. Since the deanery reform, it is incorporated into the new deanery Waldshut.

In the industrial area Lauchringen is the central work site for the lower Wutachtal the DRC. There are regular events to donate blood instead.


In lower and Oberlauchringen there is one elementary school. There is also a main and Werkrealschule with all-day classes and afternoon classes.


The library was opened in October 2003 in Oberlauchringen in the Old Town Hall. The collection includes children, youth, non-fiction, novels, magazines and audiobooks. Interlibrary loans are possible.



  • Ludwig Tröndle ( born January 9, 1884 in Rotzel, † 1952 in Oberharmersbach ), pastor, relevant for the construction of the parish church under Lauchringen
  • Franz Xaver Manz ( born May 15, 1884 in Oberlauchringen, † July 25, 1971 ), mayor of Merit
  • Edwin Kessler (* 1877, † April 12, 1962 ), ratchet driver
  • Bertold Schmidt, from 1960-1971 Mayor of Oberlauchringen and then Mayor of the total community Lauchringen to the year 2002
  • Helmut Winkler ( born October 2, 1900 in Flensburg, † 1 January 1983), Dr., entrepreneurs

Other personalities who are associated with the community

  • Heinrich Honegger († August 14, 1866 ), textile manufacturer, his brother Caspar Honegger
  • Gustav Winkler ( † 1954), contractor ( Greiff Mode), Dr. hc, from 1935 owner Lauffenmühle
  • Franz Simmler, entrepreneurs
  • Leo King, entrepreneur, founder of the King anodizing works
  • Rita Schwarzelühr -Sutter (born 1962 ), German politician, Member of the SPD in the Bundestag