Laufen- Uhwiesen is a municipality in the district of Andelfingen in the canton of Zurich.

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The community - run Uhwiesen consists of three villages:


The village Uhwiesen was first documented in 1290. It is 450 meters on the southern slope of the Cholfirsts in the Zürcher Weinland. In marked by half-timbered houses is the oldest surviving chapel village in the canton of Zurich is. Same locality is referred to as wine and fruit farming village, as many vines on the steep southern slope of the Cholfirst grow.

Running ZH

The district includes running half a dozen houses, including the church, the rectory and the castle, once the seat of Junkers and Obervögten. The castle is now running restoration operation for the Rhine Falls visitors and Hostel. The Rhine Falls, the largest waterfall in Central Europe lies half in the district running and the other half in the neighboring municipality of Neuhausen Rhine Falls.


On a narrow terrace on the northern bank of the Rhine lies the hamlet Nohl, originally commanded Urfar. He was a fishing village in the Middle Ages. Even today, some farms are connected to the water: fish restaurant, Rhine shipping, boat building. The farmers manage their land mainly in the German neighborhood. The village combines a bridge across the Rhine with the other parts of the municipality.



1155 Kelnhof and the church running are mentioned as a possession of the Bishop of Constance. As episcopal konstanzische basic rule came in 1452 under the supremacy of the city of Zurich. A time full of tribulations brought the war in 1799 with the occupation by French, Austrian and Russian troops.

In the original farming village of viticulture has played an important role; still maintain some full-time winery the grapes. The vineyard is on a slope, however, become smaller. In addition, a ring of agricultural settlements surrounds the village. As the owner of the largest forest area of the municipality Laufen- Uhwiesen leads a private forest enterprise. After the Second World War has doubled the population of a stormy construction. As the industry developed only tentatively, most residents working abroad.

Respectively during the week of January 13th, together with the neighboring villages Flurlingen, Feuerthalen and long meadows, celebrated the " Hilaritage ".


Mayor Stephan Dové (as of 2011 ).