Launceston, Tasmania

Launceston is a city in the northeast of the island belonging to Australia Tasmania, at the entrance of the Tamar Valley, with about 74,000 inhabitants, second largest, after Hobart town on the island. In Greater Launceston 103,000 people live.

The North Esk River and South Esk River in Launceston flow together in the Tamar River. The wide basin resembles a lake, and flows 60 kilometers north to the Bass Strait.


The city was founded in 1806 by Lieutenant-Colonel William Paterson Patersonia. However, the lieutenant colonel changed the name soon in Launceston to honor Governor Philip King, whose birthplace was Launceston in Cornwall. The settlement of the area around Launceston began 1804, when Paterson with his expedition, the settlement Port Dalrymple built on the site of today's Georgetown. A few weeks later the camp was moved further inland and built on the site of the present town of Yorktown. A year later, the camp wandered again, and finally moved on to the place where Launceston is today.


Founded back in 1806, Launceston is one of the first European settlements in Australia. The town has preserved its original charm and character in the form of some parks and well-preserved Victorian buildings.

  • Cataract Gorge ( Canyon ) is worth a visit Cataract Gorge. The bizarre rock canyon is within walking distance from downtown. Along this gorge, beginning two kilometers west of Launceston, a trail leads to the lakes from which the eponymous waterfalls are fed.
  • Penny Royal World: One of the most visited attractions in Tasmania is the ' Penny Royal World ', a mix of museum village and theme park. The amusement park attractions as a ride on a historic tram and the paddle steamer 'Lady Stelfox '. The plant operates a re- erected windmill and a reconstructed water mill, the south already in the 1920s, outside of Launceston, their service did, and now act as Mill Museum.

Because of the many parks and canyon, the city also bears the nickname " Garden City of the North ".


The city is thriving since 100 years now, since converge the North Esk and the South Esk River in the Tamar River. In addition to industrial development, Launceston has kept open for tourism.


Launceston has the following cities twinned:

  • Japan Ikeda ( Osaka ), Japan, since 1965
  • United States Napa, USA, since 1988
  • People's Republic of China Taiyuan, China, since 1995


Sons and daughters:

  • Simon Baker (born 1969 ), actor
  • Bob Brown ( b. 1944 ), Senator for the Australian Greens Party and Chairman
  • Danny Clark ( born 1951 ), cyclist
  • Matthew Goss ( born 1986 ), cyclist
  • Guy Green ( born 1937 ), Tasmanian Governor
  • Alfred Grenda (1889-1977), racing cyclist
  • Bec Hyatt (* 1989), Mixed Martial Arts athlete
  • Ricky Ponting ( b. 1974 ), cricketer
  • Peter Sculthorpe ( born 1929 ), composer
  • Rachael Taylor ( born 1984 ), actress

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