Laurence Picken

Laurence Ernest Rowland Picken (* July 16, 1909 in Nottingham, † March 16, 2007 in Cambridge ) was a music ethnologist, zoologist and biochemists.

Life and work

Laurence Picken received a Stipdenium to study at Trinity College in Cambridge. His doctoral thesis in the field of zoology he submitted in 1935. In 1944 he became a Fellow at Jesus College. Between 1946 and 1966 he was employed as assistant to the head of the research department in Zoology at the University .. From 1944 began picking his research in the field of traditional Chinese music. His numerous publications illustrate his various ethnomusicological interests. In 1975 he published with Folk Musical Instruments of Turkey a weighty work on the Turkish music.

Two Commemorative for his 60th and 70th birthday illustrate his high rank in the circle of researchers. Pickens Library and Archives is located in the Cambridge University Library.


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