Lausi is an East Timorese Suco and Aldeia in the subdistrict Aileu Vila (District Aileu ).


The Suco Lausi located in the southeast of the subdistrict Aileu Vila. It has an area of 5.24 km ². To the north, beyond the Daisoli River, lies the Suco Bandudato and west of the Suco Lahae. In the east and south Lausi borders the district to Ainaro belonging subdistrict Maubisse with its Sucos Fatubessi and Maubisse. Between Fatubessi and Lausi flows Oharlefa, which flows into the Daisoli. The rivers belong to the system of the Northern Laclos.

The overland road from the district capital Aileu after Maubisse performs the Suco. At her are the larger towns of Sucos, Hatoleta, Lequitura ( Liquitura, Likitura ) Rairema and Urhou. The primary school is located in the Sucos Lequitura, the Escola Primaria Lequitura.

In Suco are the five aldeias Erbuti, Lausi, Lequitura, Rairema and Riafusun.


In Suco live 665 inhabitants (2010, 2004: 599) About 85 % of the population give Mambai as their native language. The rest speaks Tetum Prasa.


In the elections of 2004/2005 was elected Domingos de Araújo for Chefe de Suco. In the 2009 elections, Domingos Mendes won.