Lawa people

The Lawa ( Thai: ลั๊ วะ or ละว้า, Laotian: ລະ ວ້າ, also T'in, Chao Dol H'tin, Katin, Che Kha, Kha Pai, Kha Phai, Kha T'in, Lua, Lwa, May, time, p'ai, Phai, Praj, Pral, P'u Pai, Thin, Tie and Tin) are one of the smaller hill tribes in northern Thailand, where they lived even before the Thai immigrated and their first kingdoms established. Today they still live often due to their archaic way of life and because of their animist beliefs off the remaining Thai population. They are - like the other hill tribes of Thailand also - and especially gifted artisan. The unmarried women wear a white shirt with red claws chains, after marriage flashy colorful clothes.

In mainland China, the Lawa are a subset of the Va nationality, also settled in northern Myanmar. Their language belongs to the Austro-Asiatic language family.