The Abmoosen is a method of vegetative propagation, particularly of woody plants.

The aim of the Abmoosens is to stimulate the abzumoosenden plant part for rooting, although it does not exists in the ground. For this purpose, there are different methods:

Wedge method

An engine of the plant is to partially cross-sectioned, the gap is kept open with a wedge. If necessary, the cut surface is dusted with Bewurzelungshormonpulver and then wrapped in an absorbent material such as peat moss or paper towels which is always kept slightly moist for several weeks. After root development of the engine will be permanently separated and planted.

Ring method

The bark is in a 2-4 cm wide strip, with some species also significantly more (oak: 10 cm ) away, where two appropriately distanced cuts around the abzumoosenden plant part to be performed on the sapwood / cambium and peeled the bark intervening will.

Characterized still water reaches the overlying part of the plant, as it is transported in the sap, but during photosynthesis products can no longer be transported to the roots, bark because the required missing. The plant is now trying to replace the roots no longer reach and form new roots at the top of the loose bark strip. To stimulate this, a wet coat is applied to the bark-free ring around sphagnum moss, peat or mineral substrates such as pumice, lava, zeolite or moistened dry filling ( expanded clay ). To receive the moisture that the jacket is enclosed with a plastic film tightly, or molded regularly or moistened.

Depending on the plant species formed after some time, usually two to five months in Conifers may also only after two years of roots in the wetted coat. Now the abzumoosende plant part can be cut off just below the newly formed roots, so that a new, independent plant results. If the beef strips to narrow selected, the plant überwallt the remote bark, instead of forming roots, and in this way provides the transport of nutrients to the (old ) roots safely. In this case, the failed and Abmoosen would have to be repeated with a wider ring.

The ring method is the more promising of the two variants and returns the result of a partial plant that is fully rooted, while the wedge method is able to produce roots in only one place.


Advantages of Abmoosens against cuttings are:

  • Some plants can not reproduce by cuttings, as they are dependent on a supply of nutrients by the mother plant during the rooting process.
  • The Abmoosen is also possible on relatively thick, woody stems, so that large seedlings emerge. Therefore, the method is useful for rejuvenating of old plants, such as the rubber tree.
  • Wachstumsstockungen on cuttings hardly occur.

Disadvantage of Abmoosens against the propagation of cuttings is: This method is relatively expensive, so it is not applied as in the professional wholesale horticulture as well, but really only in the hobby area. In order to reproduce large quantities, the expert can bring with technical aids such as spray equipment almost every cuttings for rooting.

Earlier significance

In the older literature on horticulture is understood by the bark, because the moss was considered harmful to the tree under abmoosen the removal of moss.