LBG is an abbreviation for:

  • Hanseatic city of Lüneburg in Germany
  • State Civil Service Law in Germany
  • Agricultural trade association
  • According language accompanying gestures, gestures that are executed simultaneously on each spoken word
  • Le Bourget Airport ( Aéroport de Paris -Le Bourget ), at Le Bourget airport near Paris, which today is used for business aviation and air shows after the IATA code
  • Encyclopedia of the Byzantine Gräzität, currently leading dictionary of the Byzantine Greek in its higher levels of style, neglecting the vernacular
  • Service level in logistics
  • Property Valuation Act in Austria
  • Linde - Buzo -Gray method for the codebook generation for Vektorquantisierungen (data compression)
  • Local BEST Group name for local groups of the Board of European Students of Technology
  • Ludwig Boltzmann Society, an Austrian research company
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