LCS is the abbreviation for

  • Landing Craft, support, artillery support for a converted landing craft
  • Create Laser Camera System, a tool for 3-dimensional image data of the space shuttle in space
  • Learning Classifier System, a method of machine learning
  • League Championship Series, E- sports league for the computer game League of Legends
  • Liberalų ir Centro Sąjungos, a liberal party in Lithuania, member of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
  • Liberty City Stories, a computer game
  • Cerebrospinal fluid, the cerebrospinal fluid, which protects the central nervous system from shocks and external pressure
  • Littoral Combat Ship, a vessel for coastal combat operations for the Asymmetric warfare in enemy coastal waters
  • Low contact system, a special form of the endoprosthesis (as a replacement for the knee joint )
  • Microsoft Office Live Communications Server
  • LCS method of laser printers (Liquid Crystal Shutter )
  • Longest common substring, the longest common contiguous subsequence of two strings
  • Longest Common Subsequence, the longest common non - necessarily contiguous subsequence of two strings
  • Leoben City Shopping, a shopping mall in the Styrian town of Leoben
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