The abbreviation LDA stands for:

  • Lahn- Dill- Gazette, ad-supported display leaves of the Lahn- Dill-Kreis
  • Landesdenkmalamt, state department of Cultural Heritage and Preservation
  • Landing Distance Available, landing distance available, see TORA
  • Laser Doppler anemometry, to a measuring method for velocity components in the fluid flow
  • Latent Dirichlet Allocation, method of information retrieval
  • Lauda Air, former Austrian airline, now for AUA Austrian Airlines ICAO code
  • Linear discriminant analysis method of multivariate methods in statistics
  • Ligation -during -amplification, molecular biological method for the amplification of circular DNA.
  • Lithium diisopropylamide, lithium salt
  • LoaD Accumulator, machine instruction of the microprocessor MOS Technology 6502
  • Lobbying Disclosure Act, requiring the registration of lobbyists in the U.S.
  • Local Delivery Agent, synonym for Mail Delivery Agent, which is used by Dovecot
  • Local density approximation, simplification of the density functional theory
  • Louis Dreyfus Armateurs, a French shipping companies
  • Lda ' or Unipessoal Limitada, Portuguese corporate form, similar to the German one- person limited liability company
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