LDV Group

LDV was a British manufacturer of vans.


1987 Freight Rover was merged with Leyland DAF DAF. 1993 Leyland Daf was insolvent. A group of investors took over Leyland DAF and founded the LDV Limited = Leyland Trucks and Vans. The Russian car manufacturer GAZ participated in 2006, LDV and later took over the majority of LDV. Due to the global recession broke in 2008, sales of LDV and the Russian company GAZ mother did not want more money put to disposal. Then, the production in the factory in Birmingham in December 2008 has been set. End of April 2009, drew off the end: "It is an administration ( = Proceedings) from May 6, 2009 is not excluded ." The British government tried once more to save the society by gave guarantees about 5 million pounds. But the only potential customer, the Malaysian Weststar Corporation, the acquisition could not finance. So PricewaterhouseCoopers sold the assets of the Company on 15 October 2009 to the Chinese Eco Concept investment company. This was commissioned by SAIC, a major Chinese automaker to do so. SAIC produced since 2011 the SAIC Maxus, a work based on the last LDV Maxus product model. In 2008 yet 9308 were produced at LDV Maxus, which were sold off by 2010. When bankruptcy in 2009 lost more than 900 employees at LDV their jobs.


  • Convoy (1993-2006)
  • Pilot (1993-2006)
  • Cub (1996-2001)
  • Maxus (2004-2008)