LDV Pilot

LDV pilot

1993 Leyland DAF went bankrupt. From the bankrupt was next to Leyland Trucks LTD, the newly founded LDV LTD. LDV Leyland DAF continued to build the 200-400 series and developed under the project name Bulldog from the LDV Pilot as a replacement for the 200 and the LDV Convoy for the 400 series.

LDV Pilot 1997-2006

The body had now less edged front panels and a newly designed dashboard and seats. Additionally, there was now the PSA XUD 1905 cc diesel engine with a turbocharger. Large quantities have been ordered by the army, police and British Royal Mail. In 2007 there was a survey of more than 100,000 commercial vehicle magazine readers who chose the then obsolete series for national Van of the Year 2007. After the LDV Maxus was built in parallel since 2004, he replaced the 2006 Pilot and Convoy completely.